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International Logistics

Case Study

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Our client is a global transport and logistics company based in Switzerland. Founded in 1890, in Germany, it provides sea freight and airfreight forwarding, contract logistics, and overland distribution businesses. 


Their requirement was to fit out a new 560,000 square foot warehouse and office with a passive network infrastructure able to support voice and data solutions. They needed a solution that could be scalable and flexible, meeting the demands of a client-led Logistics Company.   



The warehouse incorporates 5 distributed cabinets supporting 75 wireless access points, through a total of ten Cisco 3560 power-over-Ethernet switches.  These cabinets connect to the main communications room via two 12 core diverse Optispeed fibre backbones.  Voice signals are transported around the building via two 100 pair CW1308 copper multicores. 


The Aspire team implemented strong project-management practices and worked closely with the client’s team to design a solution that was constantly measured against the client’s requirements.  
Our highly trained and experienced installation engineers delivered an infrastructure that supports 592 data outlets, distributed over three floors of the building.  
Data and Voice are supplied to the office areas via floor boxes under each desk location, routing neatly from the floor void.  
To future-proof this solution, the Aspire design incorporated additional space in the under-floor voids to accommodate growth and ease data point relocation. 

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Testing is a fundamental part of the Aspire value proposition.  Each cable and connection in the completed network, was tested with Fluke DSX5000 testing equipment with a full set of reports provided to the client at sign off. 

The project was handed over on-time and on-budget and has resulted in Aspire Network Solutions being invited to provide additional solutions for this client. 


We recognise the need to create and manage strong relationships between all parties involved in large projects of this nature.  The Aspire team liaised with builders, engineers, service providers and the client’s own internal resources to ensure a smooth and highly efficient outcome. 
Our focus throughout the project was to: 

  • deliver a cost effective solution 

  • leverage the experience and training of our teams 

  • manage the entire process to ensure a successful, predictable outcome for all parties project ma

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